Below are photos taken during the Alchemy Art courses with Bonny Hut. Courses have
been held in 6 various centres and galleries in Northcote, Collingwood, North Fitzroy and Westgarth since 2002.  
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.The  oil paintings (above) were undertaken while working with Bonny, she is a tremendous teacher with great skill, an amazing eye and the ability to communicate in simplistic terms.  I don't think I would have been able to complete these two works without her help and guidance.  Since working with Bonny I believe anyone can be an artist and produce work of the highest just need LOTS of patience, a brilliant teacher and the ability to listen and see what you are being taught...

Sophie Sopidius (Accountant, mum and artist!)




(Narey on Left)

...I attended Bonny’s art classes for about 18 months, and learnt so much from her; more than I have ever learned from any other teacher, and so much more than I ever learned when I did HSC in the 1970’s.

 Bonny is patient, and generous with sharing her skills, which are highly developed. She is a master of colours and techniques in oil and watercolour.  She appreciates that everyone has a different natural style and interest and she doesn’t try to mould your work to her style. I reached a point where I felt I had the foundations to continue my art on my own, and now consult her for advice on an occasional basis....

Narey Guyatt,  Care worker.

...I am an aspiring artist who is and has been attending art classes with Bonny for almost two years. I tried many art classes prior to joining Bonny and I am so glad I found her! I find Bonny to be insanely patient, inspiring and her teaching style is cool..She is funny and always has great ideas and techniques to share with all her students. Where art is concerned Bonny is my mentor and source of confidence.. Cheers...

Yasemin Loydas, Bakery Owner.




4 students taught by Bonny Hut are now budding artists in their own right:


'Collected Perceptions'

Oils on canvas by:Ana Perez ALEJANDRO,Frida SOERENSEN, Jude PETRZELA ,Sarah SPARHAM.

"an article that appeared  in the Australian customs and Border Protection Services - Victorian Staff Bulletin. I am so touched with the love and support my work has shown to me."
 XO Ana


Collected Perceptions is the first exhibition for four very talented local artists including our very own, Ana Alejandro from Compliance.

Ana joins with fellow artists, Frieda Soerensen, Jude Petrzela and Sarah Sparham to showcase her work at the Collingwood Gallery in Smith Street, Collingwood.

The exhibition runs from the 9th- 20th of October and entry is FREE!

Opening night is on October 9 from 6-9pm. Ana says "she is very excited at the prospect of exhibiting her work and invites all Customs and Border Protection staff to the event.

Ana comes from a family of artists and showed artistic ability at the early age of 5. The patriarch of her family was a pioneer cartoonist and created a unique series in the 1960's before moving on to other more conventional art forms in the 1970's.

Ana has drawn all her life and completed Art in Year 12 with her dream of becoming a full time artist. After winning a much sought after interview for a placement in RMIT Architecture but failing to secure a spot and her mum’s advice of “get a real job first” ringing in her ears, Ana set out doing just that.

However, art has always remained a passion for Ana and two years ago, she decided to take up the challenge and see how far her art would take her. She contacted established artist Bonny Hut and requested that she mentor her in portrait drawing. It was during one of those classes that Ana mentioned her life long ambition to exhibit her work. Fellow student, Sarah Sparham enthusiastically joined Ana and with the overwhelming support and guidance of Bonny, the dream has turned into a reality.

Bonny recommended the other two artists as their style of work complimented and blended with Ana's and Sarah's.

Ana will have 10 pieces of art on display. Her artwork features her perception of life and a lot of inspirations for her art have been provided by fellow Customs and Border Protection staff member, Peter O'Keefe. In his travels, Peter would capture photos of subjects that he knew would interest Ana.

If you would like further information about the exhibition, please go to OR search "COLLECTED PERCEPTIONS" on Facebook