With all the perplexity and misguided perceptions concerning today's definition of art - it is little wonder people are confused.

I believe much of the bewilderment surrounding the meaning of art is a result of people's tendency to use object-referral thinking by using other peoples' opinions as the means for formulating their own.  Art, both the creating and enjoying of it, ought to be intrinsic.  You should never let anyone else's opinion cloud your own perception of an art piece. 

 I have stopped trying to explain my work to others as I realize that the interpretation of a piece is in the eye of the beholder.  We each see the world through our own unique window that has been created by our personal experiences, our thoughts and our conditioned thinking.

Self Participation.

Art is a means by which we celebrate our individuality and diversity.  The form it takes can be anything from the way in which we choose to decorate our homes, the music we select, the films we watch, the meals we craft to the drawings we sketch.  Everyone has a fundamental urge to participate in some form of creative expression at some stage in his or her life.  It is an integral part of our being.  Sometimes we dismiss the importance of art because its not needed to sustain existence on this planet.  If you were an animal this would be true, but the need for creative expression and appreciation of beauty distinguishes us from animals.  We have a subconscious craving to stimulate body, mind and soul.  Our spirit also needs its nourishment and creativity is a way in which we can get in touch with that part of ourselves.

Art is a physical or material manifestation of ethereal thought, feeling or spirit.

Throughout history art has been created for many reasons; meditation, wealth, to communicate, to protest, to express culture, define religion, to decorate and just for pure pleasure. Art, therefore is an extension of self, ones culture, and reflects our history.

Is there such a thing as good or bad art?

 My fundamental answer to this question lies within another question. Who's opinion are you thinking? The art (including music, theatre, writing etc.) you are drawn to or distain are a reflection of your own unique personality. No one should be able to tell you who you are. Some art critics, gallery owners and dealers tend to want to be the sole definers of "good art" and "bad art."  There will never be a clear universal definition of what art is because everyone's perceptions, tastes, experiences and ideas are so different.

Art, in its various forms, is an important part of life. It adds to the color, excitement, joy and beauty to our vibrant, diverse world.  Without it the earth could be a cultural desert and we would be one more step away from knowing who we are and why we were born onto this planet in mystery.

 By Bonny Hut